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  • Generous sports betting and casino offering
  • Highly responsive customer support
  • User-friendly and easy-to-navigate browser and app
  • Has physical betting shops in Tanzania
  • Generous welcome bonus and additional offers
  • Runs a VIP casino program
  • Lacks an iOS app
  • Limited payment options - no cryptocurrency

If you are unsure of what you want to bet on or simply want to explore various options, Premier Bet may just be the bookmaker for you. One of the largest and most popular betting sites in Tanzania, Premier  Bet is lauded for its variety of sports and casinos.

As an experienced punter, Premier Bet is usually my go-to option for discovering different sports to bet on or unique casino games to play. While you find these unique and interesting betting or casino options, Premier Bet still gives you impressive winning opportunities.

Do you want to know just how Premier Bet stands out as a bookmaker in the Tanzanian market? Here’s a detailed Premier Bet review that gives you a deep dive into everything there is to know about the bookie.

Premier Bet Overview

Premier Bet is a proudly African country and has been on the market since 1997 – operating across the continent in Angola, Benin, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, and many others. While the bookie launched its Tanzanian operations in 2013, you can still observe its experience in the industry.

In less than a decade, Premier Bet is among the largest bookmakers in Tanzania with incredible sports betting, casino, and bonus offerings. In fact, what I like about this Premier Bet is how they operate as a seasoned bookmaker with expertise in what they do.

I’ve noticed this through several features that always improve my betting experience. If you have issues, responsive customer support offers a streamlined service to sort you out within minutes. You can also choose to use the Premier Bet web browser or app.

Either way, both browser and app feature an intuitive and user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate. Even beginners find it easy to use the platform to browse and explore what they want to do.

Premier Bet General Features

  • Mobile APP: Yes, Android
  • Transaction history: Yes
  • Financial limits: Yes, depends on the payment method
  • VIP Program: Yes
  • Time out period: Yes
  • Self-exclusive: Yes
  • Live chat: Yes
  • Reality check reminder: Yes
  • Support 24/7: Yes
  • Gamification: Yes
  • Accepting crypto: No

Premier Bet at a Glance

  • Accepts TANZANIA players: Yes
  • Currency: Tanzanian shilling
  • Services: Sports betting, live betting, jackpot, casino, virtual games, live streaming
  • License: Yes, Gaming Board of Tanzania
  • Languages: English and Swahili  

Premier Bet Welcome Bonus and Promotional Offers

Premier Bet offers a selection of generous bonuses and promotional offers. Premier Bet takes the lead in offering a huge number of generous promotional offers.

Here are current Premier Bet bonuses and promotional offers;

Welcome Bonus

Premier Bet joins very few top-rated betting sites in Tanzania to offer a one-of-a-kind welcome bonus arrangement. Typically, you get the option of a Sports or Casino (Slots) welcome bonus.

Sports Welcome Bonus

The Sports Welcome Bonus offers first-time punters who’ve just registered on Premier Bet up to 150% match on their first deposit of up to Tsh 100,000. On top of that, you also get an extra Tsh 520 free bet daily for the first 5 days when you deposit at least Tsh 2,600, terms and conditions apply.

The Sports Bonus is automatically credited to your account when you complete your first deposit and meet the terms and conditions. This bonus can be used in any betting in the sports section of the platform. Now, this bonus is actually the highest among online bookmakers in Tanzania, making Premier Bet yet another excellent bookier for the best welcome bonus on the market.

Slots Welcome Bonus

The Slots Welcome Bonus gives first-time punters up to 200% slots bonus on their first deposit of up to Tsh 100,000 after completing the registration process. You can use this bonus in the casino section of the platform (also known as Premier Bet Vegas), terms and conditions.

Like the Sports Bonus, this casino (Slots) bonus is currently the highest on the betting market in Tanzania. You can claim the bonus at the deposit page which will give you up to Tsh 200,000 to spin on slots for free.

You can use the Slots Bonus on a wide range of slot games, including Hot Slot 777 Crown, Magic Stars 9, Mr. Vegas, and Luck Reels, to name a few. You can find the full list of eligible games on the Premier Bet Promotions page website or app.

Sports Betting Promotions

Premier Bet divides its promotional offers into two categories. You can choose between sports promotions and casino (Premier Bet Vegas) promotions, depending on what you intend to do on the platform. When it comes to sports betting promotions, Premier Bet provides several options you can be eligible for.

As a punter, this adds value to my betting process as I can use these offers and bonuses to complement my bet-placing process. This, in turn, offers the possibility of winning your bets without spending much on the wager or increasing your winning amounts even more.

 1000% Win Bonus

The 1000% Win Boost bonus gives players up to 1000% extra cash on their winnings from 3 to 50 selections. The Win Bonus is typically added to all bets of 3 or more selections, with odds of at least 1.20 per selection – that’s the only requirement to activate the bonus, terms and conditions apply.

The Win Bonus percentage depends on your bet selections. For instance, a minimum of 3 selections gets you 10% while 15 selections get you 65%. On the other hand, 50 selections get you 1000% cash back.

The Win Bonus is among Premier Bet bonuses that help punters get even more from their bet winnings – the bookie really puts the phrase” win big” to real-life action.

Bet Builder Combi

This bonus lets you decide how you want to build using the Bet Builder feature, allowing you to claim up to 3 free bets weekly. All you have to do is place a bet combining your Bet Builder with 3 or more events on minimum odds of 1.50 per event. This bonus lets you instantly receive a 100% matched free bet of up to Tsh 2,500, terms and conditions apply.

Free Weekly Bets

If you are a basketball fan like myself, Premier Bet has curated a weekly promotional offer just for punters like us. The bookie offers up to 5 free bets weekly so you can enjoy better winning chances and cash in more on your bets, terms and conditions apply.

However, this promotional offer requires opting in and players can qualify for the free bet with a minimum of 5 basketball selections and total betslip odds of at least 2.00.

Odds Boost + Risk-Free Boost

My particular go-to bonus that I love on Premier Bet is the Odds Boost + Risk-free Boost. Unlike other bookmakers, Premier Bet actively allows players the chance to potentially win and cash in more from their successful bets.

Since the bookie offers this bonus in different sub-offers, you get to enjoy different results. With the Odds Boost + Risk-free Boost, you get to explore up to 4 different bonuses you can enjoy and use to boost your betting experience.

Here are what the 4 bonuses offer:

  1. Odds Boost: This bonus enhances odds on in-house selected bets so winners can get even higher returns.
  2. Match of the Day: The Premier Bet team chooses the most anticipated game as the match of the day and creates special offers for that particular game for an even more exciting game and betting experience.
  3. Match Action: In addition to the Match of the Day, Premier Bet offers additional specials on the biggest matches of the day. Exclusive offers include increased odds on select big matches of the day.
  4. Risk-free Boosts: Who thought betting could ever be risk-free? With Premier Bet’s Risk-free Boost, you are guaranteed cash back if you lose. Whether a beginner or simply having bad luck on a particular day, this bonus lets you make bold bets without worrying about losing a lot. To qualify for this bonus, you must have a minimum of Tsh 12,500 deposited in the last 7 days, terms and conditions apply.

Bet Insurance

Premier Bet protects your investment with more than just the Risk-free Boost Bonus. If you want to enjoy more protection during your betting, you can take advantage of the Bet Insurance. In my experience with Premier Bet, this feature is great for punters who place multiple bets and end up without winning any.

With Bet Insurance, you don’t have to leave the platform with a total loss. The insurance pays you when you lose a game if you bet on 10 selections or more with minimum odds of 1.20. Bet Insurance can get you up to Tsh 2,500, 000 as a free bet, terms and conditions apply.

The best insurance payout varies based on your selections. For instance, the bet insurance payouts if 1 selection loses and with 10 to 15 qualifying selections will get you 1X stake as a free bet while 50 qualifying selections will get you 10X stake as a free bet.

Casino (Slots) Promotions

If you are a casino games lover, Premier Bet has specific bonuses for some of the most popular casino games in Tanzania.

First Aviator Flight Free

Premier Bet offers the famed Aviator game, which you can access on Premier Bet Vegas. However, Premier Bet recognizes its popularity in Tanzania and offers a special bonus to complement your playing experience. Newly registered players will love Premier Bet as they enjoy the welcome bonus and the extra aviator bonus for new players.

All players will get a Tsh 5 bonus with a 1X wagering requirement after they make their first deposit to play on Aviator – the first flight for free! Plus, this bonus lets you win up to 250,000 times your stake, terms and conditions apply.

Crash for Cash Tournament

As if the wide selection of casino and virtual games isn’t enough, Premier Bet offers a special tournament for even more excitement and a chance to win more. Now, this is a special tournament that no other bookmaker in Tanzania offers so I am always excited every week to participate in the chance to win a big cash prize.

The Crash for Cash Tournament runs from Tuesday to Monday and lets you win a share of up to Tsh 1,300,000 when you play and win select virtual crash games. To qualify for this tournament, pick one of the selected games, spin at least Tsh 260, and earn points with every win.

Each point you win gets you closer to winning one of the 25 tournament cash prizes, terms and conditions apply. As part of the tournament champions, the first, second, and third winners get Tsh 250,000, Tsh 150,000, and 100,000, respectively. 10 fourth winners get Tsh 50,000 each while 25 fifth winners get Tsh 30,000 each.

Premier Bet VIP and Loyalty Program

Premier Bet is one of the few popular online bookmakers in Tanzania to feature VIP and loyalty programs to incentivize its players.  The exclusive VIP program is usually assigned by Premier Bet’s in-house team to each customer. Every month, frequent Premier Bet punters are assigned a loyalty tier based on their activity in the previous calendar month.

Your tier can then continue to grow the more active you remain on the platform. As a result, you get to enjoy various benefits as a loyal member of Premier Bet, depending on your tier. The Loyalty tier ranges from VIP bronze to Platinum, with the latter being specially reserved for the most loyal and rewarded customers.

As a Platinum member of Premier Bet, I typically enjoy some of the best benefits on the platform. In fact, compared to other similarly popular and large bookmakers in Tanzania, Premier Bet by far offers the most generous benefits, including higher odds and first-hand on the latest offers.

To help me navigate these benefits and discover features, I am assigned a dedicated VIP account manager I can communicate with (All Gold and Platinum get a dedicated account manager).

Loyalty Club Free Bets

If you are a passionate bettor, Premier Bet’s loyalty club makes it the perfect platform to use more consistently. This is because Premier Bet usually rewards its players, giving them better features than non-regular players.

Currently,  Loyalty Club members can win up to 3 free bets weekly and have up to 3 different qualifying categories to claim their wins. You can choose the stake category with up to 4 levels with different stake minimums and winning amounts.

You can also pick the number of bets category with 4 levels, each offering a minimum number of bets and the subsequent winning amount. Alternatively, you can choose the everyday category. This 3rd category is specially designed for true betting enthusiasts. This category lets you place a bet every day of the week with a minimum stake every day.

This category also has 4 levels, each with a minimum total daily bet amount and a subsequent winning amount. This 3rd category offers the highest possible winning amounts of the 3 categories. The Loyalty Club runs weekly from Monday to Sunday with the free bets being credited every Monday. However, you have to opt-in for this promotion.

VIP Play Slots Bonus

The VIP Play Slots Bonus is an excellent example of how VIP Loyalty Club members enjoy the Premier Bet platform more than non-members. The VIP Play Slots Bonus awards casino players who are VIP Loyalty Club members up to 5% of their recent losses as a free bonus.

The best part? You don’t need to deposit money into your account. Instead, log into your account and the bonuses are added to your bonus funds automatically. The bonus lets you play on any slots with 30X wagering requirements.   

Premier Bet Deposit and Withdrawals Options

Premier Bet payment method is specially curated for the local players, making it easy to make transactions. The bookmaker facilitates mobile money payment wallets, Selcom Paypoint, or Premier Bet shop vouchers.

Premier Bet runs several bet shops across various Tanzania regions. You can use these bet shops to complete your transactions. All you have to do is head to the counter and use the vouchers to complete the transactions.

Here are the payment methods you can use:

  • Vodacom Mpesa
  • Airtel Money
  • Tigo Pesa
  • Halo Pesa
  • Selcom Paypoint
  • Premier Bet Vouchers

Unfortunately, the payment method options may seem limited. Premier Bet doesn’t accept options such as debit or card cards, bank transfers, or cryptocurrencies. However, the mobile payment option increases the platform’s accessibility.

Since you complete everything on your Tanzanian registered phone, you can always place bets and cash in on your winnings anywhere you are – even in the most remote village. After all, almost every Tanzanian operates a registered cellular phone with mobile money service. Similarly, the Selcom Paypoint option and Premier Bet Shop Vouchers are great alternatives when you are experiencing issues with the cellular network.

Here is a summary of the deposit and withdrawal amounts for Premier Bet:

 Minimum DepositMaximum DepositMinimum WithdrawalMaximum Withdrawal
Premier Bet Shop VoucherTsh 500Tsh 1,000,000Tsh 2,500Tsh 50,000
Vodacom MpesaTsh 100Tsh 3,000,000Tsh 4,000Tsh 4,000,000
Airtel MoneyTsh 100Tsh 3,000,000Tsh 4,000Tsh 4,000,000
Tigo PesaTsh 100Tsh 3,000,000Tsh 4,000Tsh 3,000,000
Halo PesaTsh 100Tsh 3,000,000Tsh 4,000Tsh 3,000,000

Premier Bet also has a reasonable bet limit. Compared to many large online bookmakers in Tanzania, Premier Bet offers a low minimum bet amount of only Tsh 35 and a maximum daily bet of 50 selections.

What I like about Premier Bet’s operations is how it always reflects responsible gambling. The platform offers a financial limits feature to let you set your limits and ensure you bet responsibly. In your account, you can set the deposit, bet, and loss (how much you lose in bets) limits, with a 24-hour to monthly limit period.

Premier Bet Sportsbook Review

Premier Bet offers over 2 dozen sports to bet on, from football(soccer), basketball, and tennis to less popular sports, like Gaelic football and hurling, and MMA. Interestingly, Premier Bet also covers esports tournaments, like Dota and League of Legends. If you are a big fan of these games, Premier Bet lets you bet on tournaments that feature your favorite teams.

Besides the variety of sports betting options, I am most impressed by Premier Bet’s web browser and app interface in the sports section. Once you log into your account, you will have access to the sports section. On the left side, you will see a full list of all available sports betting options divided into two, i.e. pre-match and live betting menu.

Each menu features a full list of all the sports offerings along with the number of available games to bet on. On the pre-match betting section, you can even click on the duration you are away from the matches.

For instance, you can click on Today to see all the available games for the day. Alternatively, you can click 24 hours, 3 Days, or a Week to show you upcoming match options within these time frames.

Even better, something I haven’t seen done in other platforms, at the top of the sports menus, Premier Bet has the Odds Boost option. The Odds Boost option gives you a full list of enhanced odds on the selected matches of the day.

At the center of the sports betting page, you can choose the sports you want and view the available matches. Premier Bet covers a wide range of leagues and competitions for every sport.

For instance, in soccer, you can find over 200 matches at a time with local, national, continental, and international matches from all continents. On the right side of the page, you can track the bet slip as you place your bets.


If you want to place live sports bets, you can go to the Live Bet section for a bigger list. Premier Bet also offers a live streaming feature, allowing you to track the game you bet on in real-time. You can even use the live-streaming feature to make more informed decisions based on the actual events of the match.

For instance, if the team loses their key player or when the opponents get a powerful defender, you can easily act on your bets when tracking the game in real-time.


Like live betting, the esports offerings in the sports section have their own dedicated menu as well. Here, you have access to a full list of esports matches and games to wager on. Similar to regular sports, you can place both pre-match and in-play bets on esports games.

At a time, you can access over 200 different matches to bet on. Matches you can bet on include Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Overwatch, to name a few.


Premier Bet currently runs two jackpots that sports punters can play. The first classic jackpot lets you stand to win a share of up to Tsh 60,000,000 jackpot cash prize. All you have to do is predict 6 correct scores on select football (soccer) matches. The best part? You get to play the jackpot for free.

The second jackpot is the Quiz for Cash jackpot. This unique and one-of-a-kind jackpot lets players stand the chance to win a share of the Tsh 60,000,000 by answering 8 simple football-related questions.

This jackpot offers an opportunity for sports enthusiasts to showcase their knowledge. I like to try my luck with the premier Bet’s jackpot while also testing my football knowledge – after all, it’s free!

Premier Bet Casino (Premier Vegas) Review

Premier Bet features one of the largest online casinos in Tanzania, also known as Premier Vegas. The Premier Vegas casino offers an equally intuitive user interface on both the browser and app. Once you log in, you can easily navigate the various casino gaming categories and the actual games.

Premier Vegas boasts several casino game categories, including table, slots, poker, instant, and crash games. At the moment, you can play over 1,000 casino games on Premier Vegas. The bookie even offers most casino games loved by players in Tanzania, including Jet X, Roulette, Art of Gold, Blackjack, Wild Crown, and Aviator.

Further, Premier Vegas offers a selection of its proprietary casino games, including Premier Bet Rampage, FruitHeaven Hold and Win, Rusty & Curly, and Cash Crew, to name a few. Premier Vegas also offers a personal favorite, the Navigator and Aviator games. In fact, you will find a dedicated section on the browser and app to quickly access these games.


If you like to explore other offerings apart from sports betting or traditional casino games, Premier Bet is the perfect platform. Premier Bet is one of the few online bookies that let you explore a diverse lineup of virtual games. Unlike many online platforms in Tanzania, Premier Bet Virtuals includes more than the traditional football, basketball, and tennis games.

With over 100 options, Premier Bet Virtuals offers virtual football, instant, and crash games. You can even find sports and racing games, such as golf and horse racing.  As a football fan, I also love Premier Bet’s virtual game offerings, thanks to the dozens of different simulated football leagues.

When I can’t find my favorite real-life football leagues to bet on, I always turn to virtual football games. Unlike real-life football games, virtual games are available round-the-clock and give you the same opportunity to cash in on your wagers. The only difference is that every virtual game takes less than 10 minutes – allowing you to potentially win in no time.

Premier Bet Security, Fairness, and Licensing

Premier Bet is a legally operating entity in Tanzania with an active sportsbook and online casino licensing from the Gaming Board of Tanzania. As a regular Premier Bet player, I appreciate Premier Bet’s safety and ease of use.

Premier Bet doesn’t just offer a smooth gambling experience. I’ve also experienced smooth transactional processes, including deposits and withdrawals throughout my betting experience with the platform.

Further, the online bookie uses an SSL certificate that protects customers’ personal and financial information. When using the platform, I am usually impressed by its commitment to responsible gambling.  Premier Bet has a wide range of controls that protect the punters. These include the financial limit, time out, and even self-exclusion features.

While other top platforms in Tanzania do offer these features, Premier Bet stands out for the easy access to setting and controlling the features. If you experience any hurdles, the customer support team is always there to assist.

Premier Bet Speed and Site User Interface

Premier Bet offers one of the best browser and app interfaces. I like using Premier Bet for its all-in-one dashboard design where you can access the betting or gaming options and manage your bets and wins.

You will even appreciate the platform’s high-speed performance during the live-streaming session. As long as you have reliable internet, Premier Bet offers some of the best speeds for live streaming. Whether you use a web browser or app, you still get a pleasant betting experience with Premier Bet.

Personally, I prefer the app for how it streamlines my process. First, using the mobile app saves data compared to using the web browser. Additionally, after downloading, installing the app, and logging into your account, you don’t have to do so again on the same device.

So, you can bet on the go with minimal hassle. Unfortunately, Premier Bet only offers an Android app. So, iOS device users will have to stick to the web browser.

Premier Bet Customer Service

Premier Bet offers a comprehensive customer support landscape with various communication channels. My first go-to solution is usually the Premier Bet help center which serves as a self-service desk.

The help center covers an in-depth variety of guides that address commonly asked questions and problems. So, if your issue is common, chances are you will find the answer here. If you can’t find what you need, you can contact customer support through the following channels:

  • Filling out the contact form
  • Live chat
  • Toll-free number: 0800 75 0032
  • Email
  • Social media channels including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Premier Bet in TANZANIA: Presence and Influence

Premier Bet is among the longest-running online bookmakers (launched in 2013) since the rise of popularity in the country. Premier Bet is also one of the few online bookies in the country to operate physical bet shops in several regions.

The bookie operates the largest number of bet shops (over 100) in Tanzania. This means that customers can also visit the best shops to place wagers or complete transactions.

Why We Like Premier Bet?

  • Highly rewarding VIP and loyalty club
  • Multiple bonuses and promotional offers
  • Over 100 Premier Bet physical bet shops
  • A wide range of Premier Vegas casino games
  • A serious commitment to responsible gambling
  • Minimum betting amount

Premier Bet-What We Disliked?

  • Lacks iOS app
  • Limited payment options
  • Low withdrawal limit via bet shops

Bookmaker Comparison: Premier Bet Vs. Other Top-Rated Bookmakers in Tanzania

Here is a comparison of Premier Bet and two other major top-rated bookmakers in Tanzania:

 Premier BetBetikaBetway
Sports bettingYes, 29Yes, 14Yes, 27
CasinoYes, 1,000+Yes, 195Yes, 400+
Virtual sportsYes, 100+Yes, 50+ (As Super League and Betika Fasta)Yes, 50+
Minimum depositTsh 100 Tsh 500 (bet shop)Tsh 100Tsh 100
Minimum withdrawalTsh 4,000 Tsh 2,500 (bet shop)Tsh 500Tsh 1000
Promotions and offersMultiple, 12+Multiple, 5+Multiple, 9+
Welcome BonusYes, 2 100% Sports Bonus of deposit up to Tsh 100,000 or 200% Slots Bonus of deposit up to Tsh 100,000NoNo
Loyalty/VIP programYesNoNo
Live streamingYesYesYes
Live bettingYesYesYes
Payment methodsVoda Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, Halo Pesa, Selcom Paypoint, and Physical bet shopsVoda Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, Halo Pesa, and Physical bet shopsVoda Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, and Selcom Huduma
Customer supportLive online chat, phone, WhatsApp, Email, Telegram, and FAQ sectionWhatsApp, phone, email, X, Instagram, and FacebookFAQ page, contact form, phone, email, and Facebook

Premier Bet Summary

Having tested multiple leading online betting sites in Tanzania,  Premier Bet stands out as one of the best for several features. In addition to its generous sports betting and casino offerings, Premier Bet is great for the massive bonuses and offers, articulate customer support, and an incredible browser and app interface.

As I started to explore the platform, I took particular advantage of the low bet amount to hone and test my betting skills. So, Premier Bet is the perfect platform for both beginners and seasoned punters.

Sign Up with Premier Bet Today

Ready to start exploring Premier Bet’s sports betting and casino opportunities, here is how you sign up:

  • Visit the Premier Bet Tanzania site – www.premierbet.co.tz
  • On the site, click on Register
  • On the registration form, fill in your first and last name, email address, phone number, and password.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and confirm that you are 18 years and older.
  • Click on Register to complete the process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Casino Games Does Premier Bet Tanzania Offer?

Premier Bet through its Premier Vegas casino offers a selection of over 1,000 casino games. These include slots, table, instant, poker, bingo, and card games. Premier Bet also offers Aviator and Navigator games.

Does Premier Bet offer a Mobile App?

Premier Bet offers an Android mobile app you can download onto your smart devices. However, the bookie doesn’t offer an iOS app. So, players can only access Premier Bet through the web browser on their iOS devices.

How Do I Deposit Money on My Premier Bet Tanzania Account?

To deposit money in My Premier Bet Tanzania account, log into your account. On the account dashboard, click on Deposit, enter the amount you wish to deposit, and click on the payment method. Follow the instructions on the payment method option you choose. If you wish to deposit money using Premier Bet’s bet shop vouchers, you will have to physically visit one of the bet shops.

How Do I Withdraw Money From My Premier Bet Tanzania Account?

Withdrawing money from your Premier Bet Tanzania account works the same way as the deposit process. Log into your Premier Bet account and click on Withdraw on the account dashboard menu. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, click on the payment option, and follow the instructions.

How Do I Place a Bet at Premier Bet Tanzania?

To place a bet at Premier Bet Tanzania, log in and deposit money into your account if you have none. On the account dashboard, click on the Sports section and choose the sport you want. Then, choose the country, league/competition, and the betting categories. Select the odds you want and confirm the bet by clicking on Place Bet.

PremierBet Tanzania Details

4.8 rating

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