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Free to play Jackpots cash prizes of up to Tsh 1,000,000,000
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Free to play Jackpots cash prizes of up to Tsh 1,000,000,000
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Explore the Best Live betting Opportunities with Top Bets

At Top Bets, we’ve conducted in-depth research and testing of Tanzanian bookmakers to find you the best live betting platforms so you don’t have to foot the load. After thorough research, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best live betting sites in the country this year.

Through these live betting sites in Tanzania, you can enjoy the best welcome bonuses and free bets along with reviews, predictions, and tips to boost your winning chances.

Live Betting: An Overview

Many of the best betting sites in Tanzania have embraced live betting in recent years. After all, in-play betting has ushered in newer opportunities for punters – offering a wide range of betting markets and the opportunity to potentially earn more in bets.

Live betting also expands the betting audience as they explore the variety of game options simultaneously. It also works in favor of the punter – imagine following a live game or shorter live virtual game and being able to make betting decisions as you go.

How We Review and Rank the Live Betting Sites

To narrow down our recommendations for the best live betting sites in Tanzania, we’ve put every site under a rigorous research and evaluation process. Using these tools, we managed to churn out the best sites to explore this year. These are the factors we considered when researching and testing the betting platforms.

Types Of Bets

When choosing a live betting site in Tanzania, the best option should offer a wider range of live betting options. Live betting offers a range of interesting bet types to explore and potentially boost your winnings.

Excellent live betting platforms offer live bet types, such as;

  • Traditional live bets such as moneyline, point spread/handicaps, and totals/over & under betting
  • Live props such as player, team, and game props
  • Live parlay and teaser bets
  • Middle bets

Range Of Payment Methods

A good live betting platform should make deposits and access to your withdrawals a breeze. Moreover, with betting sites being accessible from anywhere in the country, it goes a long way to diversify the payment options.

In Tanzania, a good live betting site should facilitate mobile payment methods as this is among the most used payment models in the country. Good sites accept all the large mobile network payment wallets, such as;

  • Vodacom Mpesa
  • Tigo Pesa
  • Airtel Money
  • Halopesa

Other betting platforms go a step further to offer alternative methods in case of emergencies or poor mobile network service. Alternative methods include Selcom Pay, acceptance of major credit and debit cards, and even physical deposit and withdrawal kiosks run by these betting platforms.

Sports With Live Stream Coverage

The best Tanzania live betting site should offer varied live sports stream coverage to attract different punters and encourage more winning chances. Ideally, the platform should offer round-the-clock live coverage of major sports, like football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, rugby, and volleyball, to name a few.

Additionally, the platform should offer different games and leagues with each live sport. For instance, in football, the platform can cover the local league, European national leagues, and even international champions. Good betting sites also cover not-so-popular events, like horse riding or darts, ensuring punters always have a chance to place wagers.

Explore Live Virtual Sports Betting Opportunities

Understandably, there are times when live games are limited. This can be due to anything from the off-league season to timing differences. Outstanding betting platforms take advantage of this slow period to offer punters live virtual sports betting opportunities. This doesn’t mean that virtual sports replace actual live sports.

They serve as an extra betting opportunity for punters who don’t want to spend time on live sports betting. Virtual sports refers to computer-generated sports simulations that resemble actual sports games or events. While virtual sports are not real events, their results are determined by a random number generator.

Still, punters can follow the short game and make betting decisions based on how the game goes. These live games usually take a few minutes and allow punters to place wagers just like in a real live sports match. Gamblers can choose a wide range of virtual games, ranging from football to basketball, tennis, and even, greyhound and horse racing.

Quality Of Live Streams

The quality of live streaming betting platforms offers can create or destroy your live betting experience. A good live betting platform integrates proper technology to ensure the best quality live streaming. Remember, you rely on the actual event streaming to be able to make in-play betting decisions. This means you need a platform to offer the best streaming experience.

Choose a betting streaming service with minimal distortions or delay issues. Further, choose a platform that facilitates different device streaming, including laptops and smartphones – to enjoy more convenience.

Special Bonuses And Customer Offers

Good betting sites come with a range of interesting special bonuses and customer offers to incentivize their punters. The best sites usually offer welcome bonuses contingent on first-time registration and first deposit.

However, different sites offer varying bonus amounts for newly registered customers who make their first deposit. As always, go for one that gives you the best value for money. In addition to the welcome bonuses, some of the best bookmakers frequently run promotional offers and bonuses to help retain their punters.

This can be anything from loyalty and rewards programs, free bets, cashbacks, and even specific betting offers. While a bookmaker may be generous with their bonuses, you are better off choosing one that allows for easy cashing out after the event or game. 


Streaming speed is just as important as streaming quality. While your device’s internet speed is essential, so is the bookmaker’s site speed. Since live betting relies on real-time performance and scoreboards, choose a site that helps you to track this information efficiently.


The gambling and sports betting market isn’t always genuine. So, avoid dubious and any bookmakers that raise doubt. Choose betting sites with a reputable presence on the market and one that has built trust in the industry over the years.

The simplest telltale sign of a trustworthy bookmaker is their experience operating in the market without records of controversy or legal issues in the past.  Further, you can easily confirm if the betting site is operating legally in the country through the relevant authorities.

In Tanzania, the Gaming Board licenses and oversees physical and online bookmakers operating in the country – to ensure they operate with integrity and follow the gambling laws. Legal and compliant bookmakers in Tanzania are assigned a unique licensing number to confirm their legitimacy.


Live betting online can make you susceptible to online scammers and hackers. Choosing a secure and safe live betting site is paramount to keeping your data safe. Look for bookmakers who are transparent about their site’s security and offer security measures to protect personal and financial information, such as;

  • Advanced site encryption standards
  • Data protection for secure payment systems
  • Firewalls
  • Two-factor authentication during sign-ins

Betting sites with integrity also implement anti-money laundering measures to guarantee legal and safe activities within the platform.


As mentioned earlier, only engage licensed live betting sites in Tanzania. A bookmaker licensed by the Gaming Board is a clear sign of their integrity, trustworthiness, and legal operation in the country.

A licensed betting site in Tanzania must also operate according to the international gambling laws and those of the country to remain licensed – ensuring safety for its users.

Advantages of In-Play Betting:

In-play betting comes with a range of benefits that outweigh traditional betting.

Additional Betting Opportunities

With live betting, bookmakers extend additional betting opportunities for punters even after the event has started. If your favorite is playing, you don’t have to wait days until your next wagering opportunity just because the game has started.

Better Decision-Making

Opting for live betting allows you to make decisions as you watch the game and event. This, in turn, lets you make better calls on your bets based on what you see. For instance, a team losing their most dependable player to a red card during the match can significantly impact your bets. Being able to note this in real-time gives you ample time to decide on the way forward.

More Engaging Experience

Unlike other forms of betting, live betting is more engaging and certainly appeals to punters who enjoy the process. This is because you have to follow the game or event closely to be able to decide better.

As the game keeps you on your toes and pushes you to make decisions, the entire process is more engaging and exciting. But, you don’t just get to enjoy the betting process. In-play betting involves a lot of decision and quick thinking, ultimately, helping you build up your critical thinking and analytical skills.

Numerous Betting Markets

Live betting gives you access to numerous betting markets. You can bet on a wide range of live events in sports like football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and more. With such a long lineup, there’s never a shortage of opportunities to grab.

In addition to live events, live sports betting also opens you up to explore virtual sports. These computer-generated games are available around the clock – 24/7 since they don’t depend on actual live events.

Better Odds and Higher Pay

Compared to simple pre-match betting, in-play betting tends to have higher odds due to the uncertainty of the game’s events. As a result, you have the chance to enjoy a higher payout compared to pre-match betting. Depending on the game’s event dynamics, you may even get the chance to earn even more.

Payment Methods

Bookmakers use different payment methods to allow punters to deposit and withdraw money.

Mobile Money Payment Wallets

Currently, the best Tanzania live betting sites focus on mobile payment methods – with the best offering all the mainstream options. These include Vodacom Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, and HaloPesa.

With mobile payment methods, bookmakers allow Tanzanian punters from anywhere in the country to deposit and withdraw money as long as they have a local working number and a supported mobile network. 

Selcom  Huduma

Other bookmakers decide to diversify their payment options, accommodating other payment methods. You can find bookmakers that support Selcom Huduma. This payment method is specially tailored for industries in Tanzania like betting.

Credit and Debit Cards

Some bookmakers accommodate international credit and debit card payments, like Visa and Mastercard. Others even accommodate PayPal. But, it is worth noting that Paypal in Tanzania allows depositing but doesn’t allow withdrawals.

Promotions and Bonuses

Different live betting sites in Tanzania offer their own terms when it comes to their bonuses and promotional offers. Nonetheless, most offer similar betting types of betting offers.

Wager Bonuses

Wager bonuses are the most common offers available to punters by live betting bookmakers in Tanzania.  Wager bonuses include welcome or sign-up bonuses and event bonuses (offered during particular events).

Welcome bonuses are usually available to first-time customers who register on the bookmaker’s site and make their first deposit. As a result, they are given a bonus that may be equivalent to their deposit or other amount.

Free Bets

Free bets are used in both simple pre-match betting and in-play betting. Free bets are essentially the bookmaker allowing you to place wagers without using up your actual money. Instead, if your free bet wins, you cash in on the winnings but not the free bet amount. Different bookmakers offer li-play free bets based on different set parameters.

Cash Back Offers

Some live betting bookmakers may offer cashback or money-back offers – with set rules and principles. Cash-back bonuses stipulate a certain refund percentage of your stake if your wager loses.

Promotional Offers and Programs

Live betting sites will also offer a range of one-time, limited-time, or ongoing promotional offers. These include rewards and loyalty programs and special event offers.

Local Insights

Online sports betting has been legal in Tanzania since 2012. Tanzania is among East African countries with strict but accommodating gambling laws. This allows punters to explore betting as much as they want while being able to do so in a safe and regulated landscape.

All gambling licensing and regulatory activities in Tanzania are conducted by the government’s legal entity,i.e. The Gaming Board of Tanzania. You can easily identify a legally operating and licensed bookmaker by inquiring about their Gaming Board licensing number. The best and most reputable live betting platforms even share this information on their site pages.

Currently, you can choose from dozens of online live betting sites operating in Tanzania. These bookmakers have also done an incredible job of offering a diverse portfolio of sports to bet on. But, it’s safe to say that football is among the most popular live betting sports.

Tanzanian punters typically bet on the local Tanzanian Premier League along with neighboring African leagues and popular European leagues. This is not to say that punters exclusively bet on football. You will also find bettors in basketball, horse racing, motorcycle racing, and a variety of other live sports betting opportunities.

Guide to live Betting:

Live betting refers to in-play or in-game betting, whereby the bettor places wagers on the game while it’s already started and is ongoing. You can also opt for mobile sports live betting to watch live games or events on your phone while simultaneously placing your wagers.

Here are the common in-play betting types to take advantage of;

  • Moneyline bets: The simplest in-play bet, the moneyline bet lets you wager on the outcome of the game – typically, which player or team will win.
  • Point spread or handicap bets: As the name suggests, point spread bets let you place wagers on the victory margin. In this bet, you choose the perceived top dog of the match with a stipulation that they must win by a certain number of points/goals/runs to win your wager.
  • Totals or over/under bets:  An over/under bet refers to a bet placed on the total number of points or goals (total)  in the game. The wager bets on whether the combined points or goals will go under or over the set amount. Unlike other bets, the totals bet doesn’t wager on a single team or player, instead, it bets on the total points or goals in the game.
  • Live props: In-play prop or proposition bet is a wager placed during the game on an event that doesn’t directly affect the match outcome. You can place prop bets on the player, team, or overall game.
  • Live parlay bets: A Parlay bet is a single wager that connects two or more separate bets together. The point is to increase your potential payout if your bet wins. Live parlay bets let you build parlays around the game during the actual live event.
  • Middle bets: Middle bets are a classic example of in-play betting types. This advanced strategy is usually recommended to seasoned punters. It involves wagering on two possible outcomes by referencing the spread and totals change with the likelihood of both bets winning. This, in turn, increases your potential winnings further.

Live Betting Strategies That Get You Closer to Winning

  1. Always know the sport you are wagering on: This makes it easier to make informed decisions on your wagers as you understand the technicalities of the game and know the teams/players well.
  2. Choose moneyline bets to stay safe: Moneyline bets offer the likelihood of better odds as they move sharply during the start of the event. This makes them a better choice for in-play betting than pre-match betting when the odds are lower.
  3. Live stream: Live betting is named so for a reason. To get the most out of your bets and to make the right call, you need to watch the game you plan to wager on in person. With live bet streaming, you don’t only enjoy real-time footage of the event. You also have a first-hand account of the in-play occurrences and the scoreboard. This, in turn, gives you enough time to make betting decisions as you go.
  4. Bet on the Opposite: Live betting is no easy streak! But, sometimes, it may just get a little easier for you. This is when you are presented with the chance to bet on the opposite outcome. If you notice trends that your wagered outcome isn’t going to happen, your best bet may simply be to reverse this wager to the opposite side. While this may not always work, it has a better winning likelihood than your already losing wager.
  5. Take advantage of arbitrage betting: This helps you find the best opportunities among live betting sites. Open a few betting platforms and find the best opportunities for live betting markets. Don’t overuse the arbitrage betting strategy as many bookmakers frown upon it and may result in banning your account.

Responsible Gambling:

Studies have documented many effects of irresponsible gambling, primarily addiction which can lead to secondary effects. Gambling is a legal activity and bears no harm when done safely. Therefore, you should always prioritize responsible gambling. Thankfully, you can find countless resources to help you with responsible gambling.

First, make sure you only use legal and safe licensed live betting sites. Moreover, only bet what you can afford and never chase your losses – this never ends well. Ultimately, like everything else, never over-bet. Additionally, only individuals aged 18 years and older are legally allowed to participate in betting activities.

Round up: Top 10 Best Live Betting Sites in Tanzania

1.    Parimatch

  • Best for: Overall Best
  • Minimum Deposit: Tsh 100
  • Minimum stake:Tsh 100
  • Welcome Bonus: 100% sports welcome bonus of up to Tsh 1,000,000
  • Active Loyalty Program: Yes – up to 10% wager cash back in a particular period
  • Payment Methods: Voda Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, Halo Pesa, and Selcom
  • Live streaming: PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Languages: English and Swahili

Parimatch Tanzania is an all-around sport betting solution operating in Tanzania from 2022. A reputable bookmaker, Parimatch has been in the gambling market for decades and operates in various countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Parimatch covers a wide range of live sports options, including virtual, local, and international events. The Parimatch sports lineup includes football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, and volleyball, to name a few.

If you can’t find live events you want to wager on, you can opt for esports. While esports take a fraction of the time of an actual live event, they still come with impressive winning potential. For instance, a live Tanzania Premier League takes 90+ minutes, while an esports virtual football game takes just a few minutes.

While you place in-play wagers, you can also live-stream the game to make informed decisions. To access live sports betting options on Parimatch, log into your account. On your account dashboard, choose Sports, then Live Events to access options available to you at the time.

Why Choose Parimatch for Live Betting in Tanzania

  • Quick payout process
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • A wide range of live sports and virtual games to wager on
  • Reputable and highly ranked bookmaker
Parimatch Live Betting Games

2.    Premierbet

  • Best for: Extensive live betting markets
  • Minimum Deposit: Tsh 35 (bets)/Tsh 100 (mobile money)/Tsh 500 (voucher)
  • Minimum stake: Tsh 100
  • Welcome Bonus: 100% sports bonus (on any pre-match or live sports bets) on your first deposit of up to Tsh.100,000
  • Active Loyalty Program: Yes – Opportunities of up to 3 free bets per week
  • Payment Methods: Selcom Huduma, Voda Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, Halo Pesa, and Voucher payments
  • Live streaming: No
  • Languages: English and Swahili

If you are looking for a site with extensive live betting opportunities, you can’t go wrong with Premier Bet. From football to basketball, tennis, baseball, table tennis and more, the bookmaker offers a wide range of live sports events to wager on.

Even better, Premier Bet allows you to explore less popular live sports events, like snooker, and squash. The best part is you also have options, thanks to the numerous leagues and competitions covered.

If live events aren’t your thing, you can explore the site’s equally extensive live virtual sports offerings, including esoccer.In addition to its rich live betting options, Premier Bet makes payments a breeze.

You have the choice to pick from Selecom Huduma, any of the large network mobile money wallets, or Premier Bet’s voucher payments you can deposit and cash out from Premier Bet kiosks. Premier Bet roperates a network of dozens of kiosks across all regions of Tanzania for more convenience.

Why Choose PremierBet for Live Betting in Tanzania

  • Extensive  live betting markets
  • Versatile payment options
  • A network of Premier Bet physical kiosks across the country
  • Numerous promotional offers potential to win more
Premier Bet Live Betting Games

3.    SportPesa

  • Best for: Live Betting Odds
  • Minimum Deposit: Tsh 500
  • Minimum stake: Tsh 100
  • Welcome Bonus: No
  • Active Loyalty Program: Yes – Rafiki Bonus – members refer a friend and win a bonus after the friend’s  first bet
  • Payment Methods: Voda Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, and Halo Pesa
  • Live streaming: PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Languages: English and Swahili

SportPesa is a relatively new bookmaker with only a decade on the market after its launch in 2014. SportPesa operates in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, the Isle of Man, and the UK. In addition to its licensed presence in Tanzania, SportPesa has made a mark in the sports industry – boosting its reputation.

At an international scale, SportPesa has partnered with major teams, including Arsenal. In Tanzania, the bookmaker invests heavily in the football sector, supporting local and national leagues. When it comes to live betting, SportPesa leaves an equally impressive mark.

It offers some of the most competitive pre-match and in-play odds across all its betting markets. Further, SportPesa offers live betting opportunities in football, basketball, horse racing, baseball, and virtual sports, among others. While SportPesa doesn’t offer a traditional welcome or sign-up bonus, it offers something even better.

The SportPesa Jackpot Bonus allows any SportPesa punter to participate and stand a chance to win big. This weekly bonus allows punters to predict a number of football games as part of a single bet. The jackpot usually has a combination of 13 football matches picked by SportPesa experts and assigned odds that bettors can wager on.

Simply place a wager by predicting the match outcome for each game. The best part is the minimum stake is only Tsh.2,000. In addition to the famed Jackpot, Sport Pesa offers a range of bonuses and offers to new and existing customers, including free bets.

Why Choose SportPesa for Live Betting in Tanzania

  • Some of the best odds in the market
  • Opportunity to win big with the SportPesa Jackpot Bonus
  • Rafiki bonus program for onboarding a friend
  • Among the most popular and trusted bookmaker in Tanzania
SportPesa Live Betting Games

4.    Betway

  • Best for: Live streaming
  • Minimum Deposit: Tsh 100
  • Minimum stake: Tsh 100
  • Welcome Bonus: Yes, 50% welcome offer up to Tsh.10,000
  • Active Loyalty Program: No
  • Payment Methods: Selcom Huduma, Voda Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, and Halo Pesa
  • Live streaming: PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Languages: English and Swahili

Betway is an experienced online bookmaker with an extensive network of operations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and as far as the U.S. Betway offers a pretty organized, detailed and responsive site user interface, making it easy for punters of any level to use it.

When it comes to live betting, the site offers a somewhat limited options in games – with only football, tennis, basketball, and table tennis. Yet, you still have access to countless leagues, matches, and competitions in Tanzania, Africa, and across the world.

On the other hand, Betway offers a fast live streaming solution so you can easily and efficiently track your live games. In addition to the 50% welcome bonus of up to Tsh. 10,000, Betway offers other promotional offers to its customers.

These include partial cashouts, win boost bonuses, weekly offers, and free bets of up to Tsh. 1,500,000 return. If you ever experience any issues with the platform, its comprehensive customer support will impress you. You can access customer service through phone, email, live chat, facebook, or a site contact form.

Why Choose Betway for Live Betting in Tanzania

  • Detailed and organized site
  • Fast and responsive live streaming
  • Numerous promotional offers
  • Comprehensive customer support
Betway Live Betting Games

5.    Betpawa

  • Best for: Affordability and arbitrage betting
  • Minimum Deposit: Tsh 100
  • Minimum stake: Tsh 1
  • Welcome Bonus: No
  • Active Loyalty Program: Yes – Rafiki Bonus
  • Payment Methods: Voda Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, and Halo Pesa
  • Live streaming: No
  • Languages: English and Swahili

Betpawa has a wide African market reaching, operating in up to 12 countries in the continent. If you are looking for a cost-effective and budget-friendly bookmaker for live betting, Betpawa is an excellent choice. While the bookmaker comes with its drawbacks in live betting, its affordability and incredible customer support make it a worthy contender.

Betpawa’s live betting markets are only limited to football, basketball, and tennis for both live games and virtual sports. However, you still have access to various leagues in Tanzania, Africa, and across the world. Unfortunately, Betpawa doesn’t offer live streaming so you have to track your games elsewhere.

Still, the live betting platform comes with its perks – thanks to the low minimal stake. Betpawa doesn’t have a welcome bonus. But, it has a Win Bonus program instead. Any registered Betpawa customer who has deposited money into their account is automatically eligible for this bonus.

No matter the stake or betting market, a punter can win the bonus with at least 3 eligible legs. This eligibility extends to live betting on live sports and virtual sports as long as each leg’s odds are 1.25 or higher. The more legs, the more your bonus-winning potential. For instance, 3 legs get 3% of the stake, 4 legs get 5%, 5 legs get 10% and so on.

Why Choose Betpawa for Live Betting in Tanzania

  • Minimal stake and deposit
  • Excellent customer support
  • High odds
  • Win bonus with potential to win more
Betpawa Live Betting Games

Frequently Asked Questions about Live Betting in Tanzania

Is Online Live Betting Legal In Tanzania?

Online live betting is legal in Tanzania. However, you must be at least 18 years old to participate in any sports betting activities in Tanzania. Further, you must use an online live betting site that is licensed to operate in Tanzania.

How Do I Start To Live Bet In Tanzania?

To start live betting, you must first identify the best live betting site in Tanzania to use. Sign up and register an account, deposit actual money into your newly created account, and follow the bookmaker’s instructions on how to place live bets.

Is Live Betting Worth It?

Live betting is certainly worth it and comes with benefits that outweigh traditional pre-match betting. Primarily, live betting increases your potential earnings as it offers more betting opportunities. It’s also a great way to enjoy your favorite game while making critical decisions on betting. However, live betting is still gambling and so, it should be done with extra caution – to avoid overdoing it.