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Kindege” as Tanzania Aviator game enthusiasts call it is a fun and interesting casino crash game. Among the most popular online casino games in Tanzania, gamblers can win big money playing the Aviator game.

If you still have a vague understanding of the game – or none at all, this review is for you. Discover everything there is to know about this exciting casino game with a high cash-out opportunity.

What is the Aviator Game?

The Aviator game is a type of relatively new social multiplayer casino crash game. A simple yet, potentially rewarding game, the Aviator features a gradually increasing flight curve on the screen that crashes at any time. 

As part of the game, players place their bets and observe as the flight takes off on the screen. The player must then cash out before the lucky flight flies away. A games developer, Spribe, introduced the Aviator game into the online casino market in 2019.

Designed for PC, laptop, and smart mobile devices, the game has captured the market far beyond – including the Tanzanian market. Today, most betting platforms in Tanzania offer the Aviator game to their players.

Aviator Demo

Aviator Game’s Popularity in Tanzania

According to Tanzanian gamblers, ‘the Aviator game is popular for its simplicity, fast pace, and potential for high returns.” The Aviator game in Tanzania is popular among gamblers of all levels  – from beginners to seasoned ones.

Sports betting aside, Tanzanian gamblers are also fans of online casino games. Among the most popular and beloved casino games is the Aviator game. Fortunately, the game is widely available across most betting platforms.

How to Play Aviator

When I play the Aviator game, the one constant I enjoy is how consistent it is. All you have to do is:

  1. Place one or more bets and wait for the round to begin
  2. Track the lucky plane as your bet multipliers by the lucky plane’s coefficient (winnings increase)
  3. Quickly cash out before the lucky plane disappears (if the lucky plane flies off and disappears before cashing out, you lose your bet).
  4. You can then cash your winnings out or continue to play – it’s that simple!

*Aviator winnings are determined by the multiplier you made during the cashout, which is then multiplied by your bet amount.

How to play Aviator demo video

Aviator Game Objectives

The primary goal for Aviator players is to gauge the lucky plane’s crash and quickly cash out their wins. As the lucky plane flies and climbs, so does the multiplier value increase(bringing the potential win value up). But, the more potential bet winnings you yield, the riskier it is as the likelihood for the plane to disappear also increases.

In an aviator’s sense, you get rewarded by how high you can lift the plane. So, the higher the altitude the player or “pilot” lifts the plane, the higher the multiplier becomes. A high multiplier means more winnings if your bet wins.

Aviator by Spribe Algorithm

This crash game relies on a random number generator algorithm which determines the multiplier. This algorithm also randomly determines the moment the plane instantly flies away from the screen and disappears. This is known as the crash moment and, thus, Aviator is a crash game.

When the game is about to start, the algorithm generates the multiplier at which the lucky plane flies. Spribe designed the Aviator game to follow the recognized  Provably Fair System for its algorithm and random number generator. The Provably Fair System is transparent and 100% fair and is used by many legitimate online games.

Aviator Game Features

Spribe’s Aviator game features an adaptive design which guarantees a pleasant player experience on any device. Whether using your laptop at a coffee shop or squeezing a quick game on a boda through your smartphone, you get the same performance.

When you are low on data, experiencing internet issues, or in remote areas, the game’s light feature comes to the rescue. The Aviator game is built to accommodate budget devices and low bandwidth areas. So, don’t worry about the budget smartphone you have or your next trip to the village!

Game Perks

The Aviator game comes with two in-built perks you can enjoy on top of your betting site’s promotions and offers. Most online casinos offer free bets to their Aviator players, although the amount varies.

On the other hand, the rain promo feature allows players to claim free bets at random times during the game. Most platforms add the rain promo on the in-game live chat area. Players can claim the promo by simply clicking on the “claim” button.

While offering free bets, the rain promo aims to encourage chat and player interactions – the true essence of the Aviator game


Aviator has a generous return-to-player rate of 97%. This translates to an average of 3 rounds of the lucky plane flying away at the very beginning of the round for every 100 rounds. Therefore, it comes with a low risk and higher potential for winning.

Player Experience

As a multiplayer game, Aviator integrates multiplayer features.

  • The in-game chat lets you connect, communicate, and create a community of like-minded players
  • You can also view every player’s live bets and wins
  • The in-game live statistics feature tracks the day and month’s biggest player wins on a stats leaderboard

Further, the Aviator game module allows players to tailor and enhance their gaming experience. A simple tap and toggle, lets you finetune a range of features on the game. These include adjusting or turning off the sound, background music, and animation.

You can also view the game’s minimum and maximum bet and win limits on any platform you use. If you like to trace your activity, the bet history feature lets you track all your bets.

Where To Play Aviator Online In Tanzania

In Tanzania, you can play the aviator on most betting platforms. Yet, like any other online casino game, you want to play Aviator on betting sites with the best perks. Here are the 5 best bookmakers that offer Aviator online in Tanzania:

1. Parimatch

One of the largest bookmakers, Parimatch is a popular platform among Tanzanian gamblers. Parimatch offers extensive sports betting and over 10,000 online casino games to play. While enjoying a prominent presence and gambler following, Parimatch Tanzania offers some of the best perks, bonuses, and promotions to its players.

To play Aviator on Parimatch, simply register an account on the Parimatch Tanzania site, deposit money, and start playing for as low as a Tsh. 200 bet.

2. Premier Bet

Premier Bet stands among the top 3 largest and most popular bookmakers in Tanzania. Premier Bet offers an equally extensive sports betting section and online “Vegas” with over 10,000 games. Premier Bet gives players access to the Aviator game on its platform.

But, what makes it a great player choice is the multiple bonuses and promotions that come with using this platform. All you need to do is sign up for an account, deposit money into your account, and start playing for an impressively low bet of Tsh. 35.

3. 888Bet

888Bet offers several features specially curated for the Tanzanian gambler. The bookmaker offers low deposit and withdrawal minimums and a range of casino games – including Aviator. Plus, while 888Bet lacks an app at the moment, it offers a unique light data-saving web browser mode.

So, if you have minimal data or experience internet issues, 888bet’s light web browser version lets you play Aviator comfortably. With an active account on the 888Bet Tanzania platform and a minimum Tsh. 1000 bet amount, you can start playing Aviator.

4. Gal Sport Betting

Among gamblers in Tanzania, GSB is favored for its user-friendly interface and multiple bonuses and promotions to boost winnings. You can take advantage of these cool features when you play Aviator on GSB on the app or web browser.

Simply sign up for an account on Gal Sport Betting Tanzania, deposit money into your account, and play the game with a minimum Tsh.500 bet.

5. Betway

With over 400 online casino games to explore, Betway is among the most commonly used online casinos in Tanzania. From its interactive interface to player offers, playing Aviator on Betway offers a brilliant player experience.

The best part? Betway has a low minimum bet amount. Once you have an account with the bookmaker, you can play Aviator with a low minimum bet of Tsh.100.

Bonus Bookie: Meridian Bet

With over 10,000 sporting events to bet on and over 5,000 casino and table games, Meridian Bet is a large bookie platform. Meridian Bet even offers unique casino features to boost player experience, including over 10 fun tournaments.

However, Meridian Bet offers a somewhat different Aviator game version, though equally fun, interesting, and lucrative. Meridian Bet’s aviator, Super Heli, is developed by Expanse Studios. Like the Aviator by Spribe, Super Heli offers a 97% RTP and follows similar player rules and how-to-play.

The only difference is just like its name suggests, the flight is a helicopter. Simply sign up for an account on MeridianBet Tanzania, deposit money, and start playing with a minimum of Tsh 100 bet.

Aviator Special Promotions and Bonuses

Spribe, the Aviator game developer has included the game with two possible bonuses, i.e. Free bets and Rain Promo that bookmakers can incorporate. However, in addition to these promos, different bookies incorporate their own perks to appeal to their players.

Here are the best special Aviator promotions and bonuses for Tanzanian players:

1. Parimatch’s Aviator Bonus + Kwea Pipa la Aviator hadi Dubai

Parimatch Tanzania offers a special Aviator bonus whereby players can claim up to 10 free bets with a value of Tsh.5,000. To claim the bonus, deposit a minimum of Tsh 500 into your account, head to the “Promotions” page, click on the Aviator bonus, and tap on “Claim Bonus”.

Parimatch currently runs a competition for Aviator players with the chance to win a trip to Dubai. To qualify, place a bet on any casino game (including Aviator) to enter the draw and stand a chance to be one of the weekly winners of a ticket to Dubai or be one of the daily Smartphone winners. The competition runs through 29th June 2024.

2. Premier Bet’s Aviator Welcome Bonus

Premier Bet offers a welcome bonus to Aviator for all newly registered Premier Bet players. The bookmaker offers a Tsh 5 bonus with a 1X wagering requirement for your first aviator game – a first free round!

All you have to do is register for an account, deposit money into your account, and sign out. Once you sign in again, the bonus will be automatically deposited into your account.

3. 888Bet’s Aviator Welcome Bonus + Aviator Rain

888Bet offers lucrative free bets worth up to Tsh 10,000 for newly registered players. After signing up to 888Bet and depositing money into your account for the first time, you will qualify for and receive the free bets.

For all 888Bet Aviator players, 888Bet offers rain bonus free bets with a combined worth of up to Tsh 4,500,000 every week, which you can claim on the in-game player chat room.

4. Gal Sport Betting’s Aviator Rain

GSB offers Aviator Rain free bet bonuses with a combined worth of up to Tsh 2,300,000. Any GSB Aviator can claim the countless free bet bonuses on the in-game player chat room daily.

5. Meridian Bet’s Win Bajaji

In addition to its lucrative general casino promotions, Meridian Bet runs a special Super Heli promotion. Partnering with the Super Heli developer, Expanse Studios, Meridian Bet is currently running a Super Heli promo with multiple prizes.

The promo has a grand price of a Bajaj rickshaw while the second prize is a Samsung A24 smartphone. The remaining winners holding between 3rd and 30th place win free bets valued at Tsh. 200,000, 100,000, and 50,000 each. The Super Heli promo picks winners based on their winnings and playing speed.

How to Bet Aviator Game

Aviator caters to different types of players, offering manual and auto bets. To place bets on the aviator game:

  1. Log into your account on your favorite online casino
  2. Launch the Aviator Game
  3. Set your desired bet amount and choose whether you want one or two bets simultaneously.
  4. Start playing!

Auto-Play/Auto-Bet Feature

If you want a more automated player experience, choose the auto-bet option. When you activate the auto-play/auto-bet feature, you enjoy a more streamlined and systematic approach to your playing.

The auto-play/auto-bet feature lets you play up to 10 rounds without having to manually set up anything. Simply activate auto-play/auto-bet on the game’s settings and set a specific bet amount. Moreover, the auto-play/auto-bet feature offers additional parameters you can adjust. These include decreasing or increasing the bet amount.

Auto-Cash Out Feature

You can even set a cashout feature that takes your winnings out after every session you win. The auto-cash out feature allows for safer and responsible gambling. This is because you are more likely to walk away after your wins when they have been cashed out or when you run out of cash with no wins – instead of chasing more profits.

How To Win Aviator

Winning the aviator game isn’t just about knowing how to play the game. Like any other casino game, you enjoy a better winning edge with a strategy in your arsenal. They just have to be well within the fair and legal boundaries – ensuring you don’t break the bookie’s rules.

Here are a few expert-recommended tips to help you win the Aviator game:

  1. Know the Game: A better understanding of the game can make all the difference when playing any casino game – including Aviator. Before you play it out, read about the game, understand the rules, and even through your online casino’s demo.
  2. Make Use of the Live Bet STATS: The Aviator game features live bet statistics for a reason. Players can use these stats to get better insights into different player strategies, moves, and outcomes. You can use the stats to help you play better and incorporate more useful strategies into the game.
  3. Diversify with Dual Bets: The aviator game offers the possibility of making a single or two bets. As you get better at the game, you can make two bets. Two bets help you diversify your play and implement different strategies for each bet. This, in turn, increases your chances of winning – either bet or both.
  4. Balance the Risk and Profit: With the Aviator game, the higher the multiplier, the more money you can win on your bet. However, a high multiplier also comes with the risk of the plane flying away and disappearing, thus, losing your bet. When you play the game, always know when to balance the risk and claim your winnings on time. In fact, betting on lower multipliers is a great way to potentially boost consistent winnings. Also, remember in Aviator, speed and timing are everything.
  5. Never Chase Profits: It can be tempting to chase even more wins when you get a hang of the game. Whether you are winning with every round or losing money, you can always feel compelled to add on your profits. Unfortunately, this is the most common way for casino players to lose their money. If you can’t control your compulsion, get the game’s features to help you. This is where features like the cashout feature come in handy.
  6. Don’t Over-Bet: Similarly, always bet with what you can afford. On paper, Aviator can seem like an easy game with an ultra-low risk. Unfortunately, without the right money management strategy, you can easily lose your money without a single win. So, limit your betting on the money you can afford to use and lose!

Pros of the Aviator Game

  • High RTP and lower risk
  • Its simplicity is great for beginner and inexperienced players
  • Lucrative bonuses from the game developer and bookmakers
  • Interactive and engaging game interface
  • Live chat and stats are great for players who seek interactions

Cons of the Aviator Game

  • Not all bookmakers in Tanzania offer the Aviator game
  • Not all bookmakers will offer the built-in Spribe bonuses
  • The game can seem repetitive after some time
  • Minimally challenging for seasoned casino players

More Sports betting sites to play Aviator in Tanzania

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Why is the Aviator Game Popular in Tanzania?

The Aviator game is popular for its simplicity, making it ideal for players of all levels. Further, the game has a relatively low risk compared to other exciting casino games with high winning potential. Aviator game players also love the game’s interactive design and features.

Is the Aviator Game Fair?

The Aviator game by Spribe is fair and 100% transparent, no matter the online casino you choose to play it on. Spribe, the game developer, designed the game’s algorithm to work in accordance with the Provably Fair System. The algorithm is what randomly generates the multiplier at the start of each round and randomly determines when the plane flies away.

Where Can I Play Aviator in Tanzania?

You can play the Aviator game in Tanzania through a wide range of the best betting sites and online casinos. Some of the best online casinos to use include Parimatch, Premier Bet, Gal Sport Betting, Betway and 888Bet.

What Aviator Bonuses Can I Enjoy in Tanzania?

The game’s developer, Spribe, has designed two bonuses for bookmakers to offer players, including free bets and rain bonuses. However, depending on the online casino you choose, you can enjoy access to a range of other special Aviator bonuses and promotions exclusive to that particular casino.

Play the Aviator Game in Tanzania Today

Seasoned or new in the game, Aviator offers an incredible player experience for everyone. While following standard rules, consistent design, and features, every bookie in Tanzania also extends a unique experience to its players. Whether it’s through massive bonuses or low minimum bet amounts, any player can find the right online casino for the game in Tanzania. 

New Bookmakers
Wasafi bet Tanzania
Wasafi bet Tanzania

Tsh 500 worth FREE BETS

PremierBet Tanzania
PremierBet Tanzania

150% up to Tsh 100,000 + 520 FREE BETS

Paripesa Tanzania
Paripesa Tanzania

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MeridianBet Tanzania
MeridianBet Tanzania

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Gal Sport Tanzania
Gal Sport Tanzania

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